Uswah. 17. Australia.

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 First Period - Biology II, Senior Class (Grades 12), (Tanisha) 
Second Period - Statistics, Senior Class (Grade 12), (Ms. Knowles) 
Third Period - Chorus, All Classes (Grade 9-12), (Ms. Blue) 
Fourth Period - English IIII, Senior Class (Grade 12), (Ms. Perry) 
Fifth Period - World History, Senior Class (Grade 12), (Mr. West) 
Sixth Period - Media Aide, All Classes (Grades 9-12), (Ms. Hilson) 

do you ever want to slap yourself in the face because you know you should be doing something productive but instead you choose to sit in front of a laptop for hours on end doing shit that has no beneficial impact on your life and this just happens day after day after day and still you refuse to accept the fact that you have a problem

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i think im gonna get one no jk

The Chicago River tonight.